Interpreting Services

Having trouble organizing a conference or meeting with a large foreign audience? Or do you simply want to travel to a foreign country but hesitate a bit due to the difference in language? To make your life easier, you can count on the experience and skills of the interpreters in our agency.

Unlike translation, the interpreter transposes a speaker’s speech into the language of his audience. Before each action, he must acquire the technical terminology and try to understand the issues of the debate he will have to translate.

Our different interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation is practiced in a large audience: meetings, courts of law, international or diplomatic conferences, etc. The interpreter translates sentence by sentence and mentally prepare the sentence that follows as they orally translate the one just stated by the speaker.

  • Simultaneous interpretation is a challenging service, which is why we offer professional and experienced interpreters for such assignments.

Consecutive interpretation: This type of interpretation consists of listening the speaker by taking notes and then conveying his words in another language. The interpreter starts his translation when the speaker has just finished speaking. Here there is no need to stick to the exact words of the speaker, but to the extent possible, the meaning and thoughts of the speaker should remain the same.

  • Consecutive interpretation is performed aloud to an audience. It’s a complex performance that only our best interpreters can achieve.

Our Interpreter’s Skills

  • High linguistic knowledge
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Have accreditation from a widely known interpretation institution
  • Have a cultural understanding of the languages they interpret for

Why Choose Us

  • Punctuality: on time, in the right place and ready to intervene immediately.
  • Sense of discipline.
  • Ethics: confidentiality, courteous.
  • Our interpreters are bound by absolute and absolute professional secrecy on all information received during confidential meetings.

As a conclusion

TEXTivors works with many interpreters around the world to ensure a smooth, immediate, professional communication adapted to all the circumstances and all your needs.

Need to hire a multilingual interpreter? Please choose a professional and experienced one from TEXTivors team. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

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TEXTivors is a language service provider located in Madagascar and offers high quality translation services.

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