Subtitling (Captioning)

To learn the phonetics of languages, students use the subtitles of a movie or documentary. It is very useful especially when there are incomprehensible words. Find out how TEXTivors uses the latest technology to handle subtitling project and why TEXTivors is better in this area.

How We do Subtitle

TEXTivors uses Subtitle Edit for subtitling a movie or document. Subtitle Edit (also known as SE) is a free and open-source subtitle editor to create, edit, adjust or synchronize subtitles for videos. The application has a very easy to use interface containing a list of existing subtitles, a wave form to visualize audio waves and a player which looks like Windows Media Player 11. It uses the VLC media player, MPC-HC, Mpv or DirectShow to play videos.

When inserting a subtitle, we closely adhere to the following rules:

  1. Break manually all subtitles that exceed 42 characters. None of the lines in the subtitle should exceed this length. Subtitles shouldn’t have more than 2 lines.
  2. Your line breaks shouldn’t divide proper nouns, auxiliary verbs from the word they modify, nor prepositions and adjectives from their nouns, and shouldn’t leave conjunctions at the end of line.
  3. Avoid ending a phrase and starting a new one in the same line.
  4. Subtitles must not stay on screen for less than 1 second.
  5. Subtitles shouldn’t stay on screen for longer than 7 seconds.
  6. The subtitle shouldn’t start more than 0.5 seconds later than the speech in the audio.
  7. All words should be fully spelled unless they are spoken in their abbreviated form.

Aegisub is also another software TEXTivors uses for subtitling project. Aegisub is a free open-source cross-platform subtitle editing program. It is extensively used in fansubbing, the practice of creating or translating unofficial, noncommercial subtitles for visual media by fans. It is the successor of the original SubStation Alpha and Sabbu.

It has been designed for timing and styling of subtitles, as well as the creation of karaoke. Aegisub’s native subtitle format is Advanced SubStation Alpha text, which supports subtitle positioning and styling. The program also supports other common formats such as SubRip.

Features include support for timing to both audio and video, and can use many video processing bindings to process those, such as FFmpeg and Avisynth. It can also be extended with the Lua, Perl and Ruby scripting languages.


Subtitles are needed especially for people who do not the language in movies, cartoons or documents and want them see it translated along with the video footage. Our team TEXTivors is able to meet the needs of customers in terms of subtitles. We treat any video file format. We can translate subtitle in French, English or Malagasy and vice-versa. We always deliver the subtitle file on time according to the customer’s need.

Have a movie or documentary to subtitle? Give us your project today and you can have it done as cheap as €0.75 per minute.

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