The importance of translation industry in this modern world became so obvious as currently there are many languages over the world, about 6,000 languages to be exact. Nowadays, international and multilingual businesses are growing very fast, that is why the role of translators is needed.

What is Translation?

The translation is the act of conveying the meaning of a text or a conversation from a foreign language (source language) to another language (target language). Being able to translate brings many skills and positive effects.

To be able to do a translation, the translator must master the source language, in which the text is written, and the target language. But the world has evolved a lot and with technology we can almost do everything. Many tools are now available for your translation needs. So, you may wonder why is translator still needed in that case?

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Google, the largest and most popular search engine has a translation feature that allows for translations into any language.

  • You can download this application for free on Google translate but it is available online.
  • Launch the application and choose the language you want to translate for example: English to French or vice versa.
  • Enter your text to be translated. You will automatically get the translation.

Google translation system can also translate an entire web pages and documents that you can easily upload. Remember, however, that since it is machine translation, not human translation, you can expect to get a word-for-word translation that does not always accurately convey the intent of the author.

Given the considerable amount of text to be translated in a limited time, the result would be poor quality translations with many errors, hence the need for a human qualified and professional translator.

Below you will see how TEXTivors team handle your project and why choose us.

Why choose us?

Here are few key elements on how we handle a translation project and why this is important.

  • Upon receipt of your project, one of our project managers selects the most experienced team and he will ensure that all team members have received and understand the customer’s guidelines.
  • Once the team is ready, he will give them his go ahead notice.
  • Here at TEXTivors, all the projects are always handled by a project team (a translator, a checker and a proofreader) instead of relying upon a translator alone. This already makes us different from other translation agency.
  • Before sending the project to the PM for a QA process, we always ask our team to go through a checking cycle using a checklist. This checking cycle is very crucial to provide with a HIGH-QUALITY delivery.
  • The project manager ensures that the team has complied with the client’s instructions and the rules of translation (typographical errors, accuracy, layout, naturalness, etc…). After passing the QA, the project manager will convert the file if needed and then send it to the client.

Types of translation we do:

  • Letter translation
  • Website translation
  • Marketing  translation
  • Legal  translation
  • Software application
  • Medical translation
  • Technical translation

By choosing our agency, you will benefit from our high-quality services provided by our native translation teams. Do you want to give it a try? Contact us for a free quote!

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