CEO & Founder
Brief info

During my childhood I lived in a very touristy city of Madagascar. It led me to meet people of all sorts, speaking different languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish) and having their own cultures. Not speaking their language perfectly, I quickly understood the importance of speaking several languages. I followed intensive language courses to better converse with these people. Later, I was delighted to be able to better understand their feelings, their viewpoints, their emotions and I was glad that I was able to convey their feelings to people who do not speak their languages.

I never thought that one day I will be able to start my own business. With the help of my colleagues we chose the name “TEXTivors” to inform the world that we “devour” and crave for any type of “text”, whether in terms of translation, transcription, subtitling, interpretation. Indeed, TEXTivors does not retreat before any text! We are open to any freelancers and any companies of all types. So, do not hesitate to contact us!