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E-mail: razafi.naina@textivors.com
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From 2008 till 2011 I studied computer science. How happy I was when I built my very first own software. It was a Malagasy traditional game called “Fanorona” and it is quite similar to checkers game. I also excelled in creating websites whether dynamic or static. After my graduation in 2011, I enrolled to an English course because I realized that English is very crucial in IT field. From 2012 till 2014 I brought web solutions to self-entrepreneurs and important businesses. In 2017 part of my job involved using WordPress to upload article which have been translated into French. Then, in June 2018 I started working as a web developer at TEXTivors.

I am passionate about technology and I am a geek.

My job involves coding using different programming languages like HTML or Java. It requires a lot of concentration, effort and especially patience because creating software really takes time.

The hard part is to redo everything when you inadvertently deleted a single character that was really important in the project coding. This helped me to understand that in life every detail count. Each element in the code is very important and depends on the other elements in order to build a program that will be useful for the end user. Likewise, I learned that everything around me is important and that we all need each other.

All this allowed me to have a good team spirit and helped me to get along with my colleagues. Every day I have to make sure everyone can work quietly with the tools they use in their office.

However, what I just cannot stand is the power outage and the bandwidth breakdown.

From time to time when our DTP specialist is overloaded, we share some of his projects to meet client’s deadline.

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TEXTivors is a language service provider located in Madagascar and offers high quality translation services.

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