Have a document to translate, a website to localize, or do you simply want to expand your brand abroad? Would you like to entrust all of this to a qualified and professional translation agency?

In fact, there is a multitude of agencies, but you may wonder how to choose the right one? How to see if an agency will meet your expectations and your needs? Here are some tips to consider when selecting your translation agency.

You Are Spoilt for Choice

Today, translation agencies are growing so fast. Companies are spoilt for choice between many agencies. Many of them offer different types of services but few will show real professionalism. What are the key elements to consider? Three criteria are important:

1. Reputation

Search for translation agencies in your country that can provide the exact type of work you need. Select some company and try to find their website. You could find a lot of information about them. You could see information about the type of work they usually do and even a list of happy clients who worked with them. This will give you a broader idea of the specialization in which the company will be more likely to work.

2. Quality of service

Choosing a certified company means having the guarantee that they will provide high quality services through professionals with specialized training, quality management and the possibility of establishing contracts.

3. Rates

Pay the appropriate price for a quality translation. A well-done job involves costs, and on the internet, you can find an average rate for translation projects.

If you are tempted to pay for the low prices, you will run the risk of seeing your translation done by inexperienced workers or by machines that could not guarantee the quality of work. Thus, beware of projects with very low price. Clearly, there are good and bad translation companies, with better or worse performances, offering higher or lower quality work. Knowing the factors mentioned above can provide you with a good foundation for excellent language services.

About Us

TEXTivors is a translation agency based in Antananarivo-Madagascar. We provide fast and accurate translation services to national and international customers in different field of expertise.

With a powerful combination of language skills, writing skills and expertise, TEXTivors team can translate any document, large or small, on any subject at a reasonable cost. You can find here our standard rate for translation service. You can also request an instant quote here.

The agency TEXTivors is renowned for its professionalism with our 12 years of English to Malagasy, Malagasy to English, English to French, French to English, French to Malagasy and Malagasy to French translation, editing and proofreading experiences.

By integrating quality management as an essential aspect of our technology and workflow, we can provide the highest quality professional translations for your project. Thanks to the TEXTivors team, we translate many types of documents in various fields:

  • Legal document (birth certificate, work contract, passport, etc.)
  • IT document
  • Subtitles translation
  • Medical document
  • Translation of web content and blog articles
  • Transcript translation

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is to carefully listen to the needs of our customers, commit to your project, be culturally sensitive and have a professional approach that makes us different from other translation companies. TEXTivors sets the trend for innovation, quality and service.

TEXTivors only uses translators working in their native language (Malagasy, English, French and many more). Then we perform several quality assurance checks to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, completeness, and accuracy.

Our agency TEXTivors is composed of dedicated project managers to carry out your projects thus ensuring the good management of the tasks and the quality control before the delivery of the translations to you.

Our Translators

Our native translator teams are young and dynamic. Translators, editors, and proofreaders within TEXTivors are certified and skilled translators, but they have been chosen among many language providers around the world for their experience.

Only experience makes a translator a good translator and experience is the key to high-quality translations. They are also detail-oriented, perfectionists and conscientious passionate about languages. They work tirelessly until they achieve perfection. That’s why we work hard on projects as quickly as possible and always make an extra effort to deliver it before the deadline, instead of waiting for the last minute.

Our Guarantee

Have a look on our mission statement: “Quick but efficient”, which means that we offer translations of the highest quality in the shortest time.

To benefit from our translation services, we need some information from you. TEXTivors guarantees confidentiality and we promise that no information will be disclosed to unauthorized users within the company.

Our Rates

Clear and precise quote depending on different factors:

  • The amount of the text to be translates (word count)
  • The language pairs
  • The delivery time
  • The delivery format


With TEXTivors, quality goes hand in hand with speed. Our translation services have been approved by some of the largest organizations as well as companies.

As an agency, TEXTivors guarantees fast turnaround times without compromising quality. So, have a translation project today? Don’t hesitate to contact TEXTivors.

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